Yoseob talked a bit about JunHara on ‘Beatles Code’

Today Yoseob revealed on ‘Beatles Code’ BEAST’s reaction to JunHara dating news being spread.

MC: you probably hated the fact that your member was dating an idol?

Y: honestly of course i did at some parts and it was very…hard.

Y: honestly, they werent planning to have a public relationship. So that night when the news came out, I woke up every hour and read the news articles.

MC: what did u all talk about?

Y: we told him, since its already revealed, you HAVE to last long and to have a cute relationship. (and the captions said ‘all members prayed for him to have a happy relationship)

MC: thats really sad

As soon as we have the cut from the show we’ll post here. Here we can see how hard it was, not just for Junhyung and Hara, but for all BEAST and KARA members as well. Let’s always give them our love and support! 

(Translation by: @_sweetjoker)